First Responder UAS Ops, LLC (FRUO) services the Public Safety Industry and Corporations seeking high quality drone videos & stills for corporate events.

We are the 'premiere FAR Part §107 & FAR Part §333 exempt' Mesa, AZ based drone crew. No matter how challenging the shot, we are capable of capturing it safely and dynamically. With our FAR PART §107.29 (night waiver), our crews can fly 'day-or-night.' We provide drones and crews for capturing beautiful, high-quality breathtaking aerial images. We have a fleet of drones with interchangeable 4K, 5.2K & 6K video cameras with 20MP stills capability, that can be tailored to your exacting needs.

Our teams are comprised of highly qualified FAA certified (Part §107) drone pilots, video and film professionals with many years of experience in aviation, motion picture & broadcast video worlds. Based in Mesa, AZ, First Responder UAS Ops, LLC (FRUO) uses drones for television, film production and corporate events.

First Responder UAS Ops, LLC (FROU) offers high quality 4K photography and stunning 4K aerial image capture with our state-of-the-art drones & cinematic cameras.

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  1. California Coastline Pier
    California Coastline Pier
  2. Pier Remnants
    Pier Remnants
  3. Ocean Sunset
    Ocean Sunset
  4. Undercast Sunset
    Undercast Sunset
  5. Nightime Downtown Skyline
    Nightime Downtown Skyline
  6. New England Lighthouse
    New England Lighthouse
  7. Lookout Aparatus
    Lookout Aparatus
  8. Shoreline Campsite
    Shoreline Campsite
  9. Hiking Trail
    Hiking Trail
  10. Canoe on a Pristine Lake
    Canoe on a Pristine Lake
  11. The Night Sky
    The Night Sky
  12. Organized Campsite
    Organized Campsite
  13. Coastline Campsite
    Coastline Campsite
  14. Yoga
  15. Mountain Climb
    Mountain Climb
  16. Climbing to the Top
    Climbing to the Top
  17. Panoramic Vista
    Panoramic Vista
  18. Surfboard Storage Hut
    Surfboard Storage Hut
  19. Snowboarding 1
    Snowboarding 1
  20. Snowboarding 2
    Snowboarding 2
  21. The Chairlift
    The Chairlift
  22. Ancient Images
    Ancient Images
  23. China 1
    China 1
  24. Snorkeling
  25. China 2
    China 2

'We Are in the Business of Saving Lives'

FRUO is a fully authorized retail and enterprise dealer for DJI products & services.

First Resonder UAS Ops, LLC (FRUO) services the Public Safety Industry (Fire, Police, SWAT, SAR & other First Responders & Emergency Services).

FRUO carries a full-line of DJI Enterprise level 'FLIR' infrared capable drones that aid the Public Safety Industry. Additionally, FRUO carries products that support the Public Safety Industry efforts with industry specific products (command & control communication units with 1080p displays for the on scene commander or command & control center; secure hands-free long-range wireless intercom systems supporting 2-10 personnel; FAR Part §107.29 night-time drone illumination systems; high-powered 15,000-lumens LED scene lighting; Honda EU2200i clean power inverters capable of supplying the entire operation  with 'clean, computer-grade-power,' drone tethering systems that enable unlimited  overhead 'loiter time' on scene and/or overhead a target; and dedicated response teams manned & ready to deploy fully-equipped with requisite FAA blanket waivers).
Richard Lucas-MacGibbon, System Chief Pilot
+1 (775) 443-6507 Direct Cell# (voice & SMS text)
Drone Pilot (FAR Part §107); Night Waiver (FAR Part §107.29); Level 1 - Public Safety Thermographer;

AS Degree in Aeronautics from Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, CA;

BS Degree in Aeronautics & Business from San Jose State University (SJSU), San Jose, CA;

AA Degree in Casino Management, College of Southern Nevada (CSN), Las Vegas, NV, (with an emphisis in Accounting, Finance, Business Law & Business Management);
Retired 7-Year US Air Force Pilot (T-41, T-37, T-38, C-141B) & Retired 37-Year Major Airline Pilot (DC-8-63F, B-727-100F, B-727-200F, B-727-200F Valsan, B-747-100F, B-747-200F, Airbus A-310-200F, A-310-300F & A-300-600F);
Airline Transport Pilot (ATP);

TYPE RATINGS: (LOCKHEED) L-300, (BOEING) B-727-100, B-727-200, B-727-200 Valsan, & (AIRBUS) A-310-100F, A-310-200F, A-310-300F and A-300-600F;

Commercial Privileges Single & Multi-Engine Land;

Certified Flight Instructor - Single & Multi-Engine Land (CFI) (Dormant);

Advanced Ground Instructor Instruments (AGII) (Basic, Advanced & Instrument); and

Flight Engineer - Turbojet.

FRUO Public Safety Video Services

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